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If I book a tour package, what kinds of charge were included?
The kinds of charge that include in our product are:
An airline ticket for economy class with a certain airline
International accommodation for 2 people in a room. If you choose a single room, there will be an extra charge
Breakfast, lunch and dinner (in line with the schedule/program)
Transportation from airport to hotel and vice versa in every destination city
Tourism objects tour (based on the schedule list)
20 kgs of free baggage for every participant (or based on the flight rules)
Tour guide for all the trip/journey
A standard tip for local guide, hotel porter and local driver
Travelling insurance
How can I book the travel ticket that I need/want?
Reserving ticket can be done at Citramulia Travel office with 20% deposit from the total ticket cost. The seat can be replaced with someone else without any confirmation if reserving the ticket without deposit. The payment should be finished in 3 days (workday) before the departure. If the rest of payment is not finished on time, Citramulia Travel has right to cancel the ticket and your deposit will gone.
If I want to cancel my ticket, is there any administration charge should I pay?
Passenger which cancel the ticket, have to pay some administration charge, there are:

More than 14 days before departure: 10%

7 - 14 days before departure: 50%

1 - 7 days before departure: 70%

The day of the flight or a day after the flight: 100%
The rules above are applicable for all passengers which change the date or move to another flight

You can contact our customer service to have more details about travelling ticket or the other package tour.



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